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    [EVO]lution Is Here

    We’re excited to announce our new EVO line of Vane Pumps and Motors for Industrial and Mobile Applications.

    At Permco, we manufacture high-quality hydraulics and pumps that are custom built for your specific needs and applications. Our short lead times mean you’ll get your order on time, every time, anywhere in the world.

    You can read more about our?EVO line of Vane Pumps and Motors?in our?products section?or by navigating directly to a product below.

    PM4E Series?-?Large displacement vane motor
    PM4D Series?-?Medium displacement vane motor
    PM4C Series?-?Small displacement vane motor
    PT6E Series?-?Large displacement vane pump
    PT7D Series?-?Medium displacement vane pump
    PT6D Series?-?Medium displacement vane pump
    PT6C Series?-?Small to medium displacement vane pump
    PT7B Series?-?Small displacement vane pump

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